U-pick Vegetables & Flowers

It doesn’t get any fresher!

Throughout the summer we have a selection of Vegetables & Flowers in our Gardens to pick. There is no admission to enter the Upick Gardens, you are only charged for what you pick. We have everything you need to cut a bouquet of flowers or harvest fresh veggies from the gardens including clippers, forks and bags. .

Cut Flowers

Our Certified Organic Upick Flower Gardens are open early August to Mid September.  Sunflowers and Gladiolus make up the largest collection of cut flowers available.  These are grow interplanted with ornamental grasses, calendula, statice, dara, zinnias, asters and more.  We have clippers available at the farm and will wrap your flowers up to make the trip home.

Upick Vegetables

You will find a great selection of 10 or more varieties of potatoes in our upick gardens.  Along side the potatoes you will find carrots, beets, beans, peas, cucumbers, zucchini.  The upick season starts early August and can be finished the first week of September if we get a hard frost.