U-pick Vegetables, Flowers & Strawberries

It doesn’t get any fresher!

Throughout the summer we have a selection of Strawberries, Vegetables & Flowers to pick. There is no admission to enter the Upick Gardens, you are only charged for what you pick. Be sure to check our Availability List to know what is in season.

U-pick Availability

If you are looking for large volumes of Upick Flowers, Vegetables or Strawberries, please give us a call.

Typical Upick Season

Just a heads up we are at the mercy of the weather and in 2018 we had a hail storm roll through in July which has affected our strawberry and flower crop quite a bit, it looks like there will be limited picking this season.

Strawberries – There will only be limited picking 2018 – Generally it is between the last week of August and the first frost in September that we have a good supply of upick strawberries.  With that said we only grow about an acre of berries which can get picked out early on a busy day so it is hard to guarantee strawberries even when in their prime.

Veggies – September 3rd 2018 -We are nearing the end of our season and just have carrots and beets left in the u pick

Typically the root veggies are avaialble for picking from when we open until the 3rd week of September (as long as we do not have hard frosts)  Peas and beans may not be ready until the 2nd-3rd week of August.

Flowers – We grow a selection of Sunflowers, Glads, Ornamental Grasses, Zinnias and other hardy flowers that will survive the car ride home.  Generally the flowers are ready from early August until the first frost in September.

  • July

    Strawberries – Early to Mid month


  • August











    Pumpkins (3rd week)

  • September




    (until frost)





We grow our Strawberries in Raised Tables.  It takes a bit more work to get them growing in the spring but at 4 feet off the ground, these are the easiest berries you have ever picked.  Growing in trays also eliminates perennial weed and disease issues making it easy to grow tasty berries without any chemicals.  Strawberries are the most weather dependent crop, so please call ahead or visit our facebook page for Up-To-Date Upick Info.

Cut Flowers

Although our Upick gardens are now filled with many crops, Flowers was the only crop when we first opened the upick in 2006.  Still today we grow a great selection of Sunflowers, Lilies along with loads more beautiful flowers. Typically the Upick season stretches from Mid July to Mid September.

Upick Vegetables

You will find a great selection of 10 or more varieties of potatoes in our upick gardens.  Along side the potatoes you will find carrots, beets, beans, peas, cucumbers, zucchini.  The upick season starts early August and can be finished the first week of September if we get a hard frost.

Upick Pumpkins

The Upick Pumpkin Season is quite short.  They are not ready until the third week of August, but may be finished September 1st if there is a risk of frost.  It is important that we pick all our pumpkins before there is a chance of frost at which time we will have them available in our farm store.  Visit in September to get your hands on one of our Giant Pumpkins.  Each year we grow 20-30 giant pumpkins.  In 2015 our largest grew to 175lbs.